Mayor's Corner


December 2016

Dear Neighbors,

I am pleased to report that the Board of Trustees and staff have accomplished a great deal over these past few months, and I am proud to be part of such a hard-working and dedicated team here at the Village.

Just a few of things of the many things we've been working on include:

· Our new sewer maintenance company, Orchid Sewer and Water Contracting, has been doing a thorough job of keeping the Village's sewer system flowing and clear of backups. Recently, they discovered an unconnected pipe near the sewer main at Manorhaven Boulevard and Graywood Road, and we hope that by performing repairs they will be able to prevent serious clogs and backups that have occurred in this area;

· The Board recently adopted a local law reducing the duration of alternate side of the street parking by a full month during the winter.  Winter parking rules now begin on December 15 and end on  March 15, as  significant snow accumulation is unlikely in the weeks immediately before and after this period; 

·The second phase of renovation at the Historic Morgan's Dock project has been completed.  Once the third and final phase is complete, we can all enjoy a new floating dock at Bowman's Point; 

· The Village has installed a new generator at Village Hall, removed an abandoned oil tank on the premises, and installed a new sprinkler system at the entrance to Manhasset Isle;

· Homeowners and the Village have been cooperating to bring properties into compliance with the village code.  In particular,  many curbs, sidewalks and aprons throughout the Village have been repaired.  I have received many positive comments about how the Village looks neater and cleaner.  Note that permit and other Village fees have been waived for these repairs through  December 31;

·Due to residents' input, the Village has increased both inspections of rental properties and the monitoring of illegal residences to ensure that property owners adhere to code regulations;

· Since October, the Village has been strictly enforcing garbage regulations in an effort to continue to keep Manorhaven cleaner.  We recently added an additional code enforcement of ficial during the early morning hours and on weekends to ensure compliance. 
For details on regulations and fines, click on “Services” and then “Garbage” on the website;

·Just a reminder that  GovPilot  is an easy way to request FOILs/FOIAs, report a concern, or to view your property information online. See our website's home page and scroll down to the  GovPilot  section to access one or more sections.  

While I am proud of how much we have accomplished, there is much more to do i n Manorhaven . We look forward to making more positive changes to serv e our residents and the community. My best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy holiday season.

Jim Avena, Mayor

October 2016
Dear Neighbors,

We've accomplished a lot over the summer. Focus on teamwork and mutual respect enables initiatives to keep moving forward. Thanks to Deputy Mayor Priscilla von Roeschlaub, Trustees Rita DiLucia, Ken Kraft and John Popeleski, Clerk Sharon Abramski and DPW Crew Chief Mike Calvanese for their exceptional efforts and working as a unified team.

Some key goals accomplished are:
•  Hired a full time Building Superintendent/Chief of Code Enforcement;
•  Hired a part time code officer to ensure codes are followed on weekends;
•  Initiated comprehensive snow removal plan;
•  Started planning with County for $3 million improvements on Manorhaven Boulevard;
•  Established a Waterfront Advisory Committee;
•  Filled reported potholes , removed loose tree branches and cleanups, especially at dead ends;
•  Updated emergency procedures, available on

I am proud to serve as your mayor and will continue to work very hard to help improve the quality of life in our beautiful village.

Jim Avena, Mayor

September 2016 - Mayor Avena
"The Village of Manorhaven welcomes input from all Village residents as it considers how best to regulate development of waterfront properties. Our goal is to balance the interests of the community with the rights of property owners. To help accomplish this goal, I have appointed an advisory committee to review the Village's comprehensive master plan, local waterfront revitalization plan, and zoning code, and to make recommendations for consideration by the Board of Trustees. Only the Board of Trustees has the authority to adopt Village laws regulating waterfront development. Before the Board of Trustees takes any action, it will publish a notice in the Port Washington News and will conduct a public hearing. At the hearing, all interested Village residents will have an opportunity to express their views directly to the Board of Trustees."