Mayor's Corner


November 2018
Greater Quality of Life for Our Village

As 2018 draws to a close, I look forward to all the upcoming projects we've planned, and proudly look back on all the Village has accomplished this year.

•  After a trial run last winter, the Board felt confident to pass a new local law abolishing alternate side of the street parking from December 1 through March 31 except during SNOW EMERGENCIES. Be sure you are registered with to receive a text, email or phone call notification;

•  After learning that cell phone providers could install potentially hazardous cell nodes without notice, Manorhaven passed a cell node moratorium to give us time to determine our legal rights on this important matter;

•  The Village Dog Park now includes a water fountain and electricity, as well as better fencing;

•  We are finally near completion on Morgan's Dock and look forward to a late June 2019 grand opening;

•  The Nassau County Police have been working hand in hand with the Village to track down perpetrators involved in recent incidents in and around Manorhaven. Several arrests were made in response to recent crimes;

•  Sewer camera assessments will resume after the holidays. Research has shown that there are no septic-safe wipes . Wipes of all types contribute to back-ups in our sewer lines;

•  Fines for traffic, parking, and certain codes have increased through revised local laws. Be vigilant about checking parking signs and following new codes mentioned in this issue and on our website;

•  Please mark your calendar for our Annual Tree and Menorah Lighting Ceremony on Thursday, December 6 at 5:30 p.m. in front of Village Hall. A “cookies and cocoa” reception will follow.

A happy and safe upcoming holiday to everyone!

Jim Avena, Mayor

July 2018

A Message to Manorhaven Residents from Mayor Jim Avena

Dear Residents,

Although most things tend to slow down during the summer months, quite the opposite is true here at Village Hall. Summer is underway, but our staff and boards are in full swing working hard to make this an even better community for our residents.

•  We were happy to see that the Annual Street Festival was such a big success despite the threat of weather. It is well worth our efforts when we see the happy faces of children having a great time;

•  During the August work session, we will be working on the new snow emergency parking program and the local law associated with it. These changes will cancel alternate side of the street parking during winter months except during snow emergencies;

•  Another topic for discussion will be a new local law addressing cell node boxes which so many Villages have seen popping up on telephone poles. Putting restrictions on usage and installation is something we feel is of critical importance to our Village;

•  The $3,000,000 Manorhaven Boulevard project had to take a small step backwards to re-study the traffic patterns on Manorhaven Blvd. Apparently the cameras were mistakenly seen as “speed traps” and were vandalized, destroying all of the studies within them that were needed to move forward with the project;

•  The grounds and gardens at Village Hall, the entrance of Manhasset Isle, and throughout Manorhaven add to the beauty of our seaside community. We would appreciate everyone's help by making sure trash and debris make it into the receptacles along Manorhaven Blvd. and Manhasset Ave.;

•  Many may have noticed repairs to the fence and roadway at the Dog Park. Flowing water was installed in June and a dog water fountain will be installed during the next few weeks. We would appreciate it if all dog waste and trash is picked up and put in proper receptacles before leaving the Preserve;

•  We are currently applying for grant funding to assist the Village with sewer restoration costs. Roadwork will coincide with sewer repairs. We will keep everyone updated on important developments;

•  Morgan's Dock will be resuming construction work with Phase III-B sometime in September. We are anxious to get the park and dock area ready for usage by late spring of next year;

Thank you to our residents; we appreciate you and will continue to strive to serve Manorhaven in the best way we can.

Have a wonderful summer!

Jim Avena, Mayor

April 2018
A Message to Manorhaven Residents from Mayor Jim Avena…

Dear Residents,

The warm weather is finally is here to stay and just in time for a lot of great activities in our Village. I'm very proud of all that we have accomplished and what we have planned for the upcoming months:

•  We are very pleased to inform you that, because of the excellent results of our snow emergency parking pilot program, the Board has decided that alternate side of the street parking during winter months will be cancelled except during snow emergencies;

•  The Board of Trustees and I are continuing work on gaining more public access to our waterfront and recently decided after an analysis that Marine zoned property would remain unchanged;

•  The $3,000,000 Manorhaven Boulevard project is finally moving forward. County Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton will be speaking at the May 10 Work Session, which begins at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend;

•  We have begun renovations to the dog park, which will include a sprinkler system, electricity and lighting and enhancements to the Long Island Native Plant Garden. The grand opening of the Growing Love Community Garden will take place on May 6;

•  We are proud to report that the Village continues to become cleaner and more attractive thanks to our DPW, Code Enforcement and residents;

•  We are continuing to assess sewers and other infrastructure issues and plan to address damaged roadways in conjunction with sewer repairs;

•  Code Enforcement is continuing to closely monitor overcrowding;

•  Congratulations to resident Vivian Moy who was recently inducted into the Town of North Hempstead May Newburger Women's Roll of Honor;

•  Morgan's Dock is in its final phases of construction;

•  We are planning to hold a ceremony on June 27 to honor the Village's past mayors .

Just a reminder that Village Elections will be held at Village Hall from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 19. Don't forget to vote! Every vote counts!

Enjoy the warm weather!

Jim Avena, Mayor

December 2017
A Message to Manorhaven Residents from Mayor Jim Avena…

Dear Residents,

Aside from the day-to-day operations of running a village, we are focused on keeping Manorhaven a safe and pleasant place to live. Here are just a few things we've been working on:

Residents were very pleased with last year's snow removal performance and were relieved that winter alternate side parking was reduced by a full month. To further ease winter parking, the Board recently approved a winter parking PILOT program, eliminating alternate side parking from December 15 – January 15 and enforcing parking rules shown on signs during that timeframe when a snow emergency is called. See inside for more details;

Our Village recently passed a law to help eliminate illegal over occupancy, which will help keep everyone safe, ensure Village resources are not unfairly overused, and help the parking shortage;

The Board also extended the moratorium on waterfront construction for another six months. Our work to improve the Village's waterfront will continue with an upcoming comprehensive waterfront analysis;

Code Enforcement continues to work diligently to keep our Village clean and safe, resolving both everyday issues and other problems;

In October, the Board raised the age for tobacco sales to 21 and prohibited e-cigarette and vape product sales within the Village;

A vehicle and pedestrian traffic study on Manorhaven Blvd. was recently completed by Nassau County, ending their first phase of work for the $3 million renovation to Manorhaven Blvd.;

A bid for one of the final phases of construction for Morgan's Dock was accepted and is now underway. Once all phases are completed, it will be a fun destination for pedestrians, fishermen and boaters;

We are staying on top of sewers and roads too. Last month, a Village-wide road condition analysis was completed and video/camera work on sewer lines is still underway;

The Village can be excited about two new additions to the Preserve: the native plant gardens, put in place by Pat Valente, the Cornell Cooperative Extension and area volunteers, and the new Growing Love Community Gardens, an initiative by Erika Stehl.

On behalf of the Village Board, staff and myself, ‘Best Wishes’
for a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah and a very Happy New
Year. We look forward to another productive year in 2018!

Mayor Jim Avena

P.S. – IT IS CRITICAL that a household member contact to leave information for either a phone
call, text message or email for the Snow Emergency Parking
Pilot program Dec. 15 – Jan. 15. Residents are responsible for
keeping themselves leave information for either a phone
call, text message or email for the Snow Emergency Parking
Pilot program Dec. 15 – Jan. 15. Residents are responsible for
keeping themselves informed.

October 12, 2017
A Message to Manorhaven Residents from Mayor Jim Avena…

Dear Manorhaven Neighbor,

At the special referendum on October 3rd, residents voted to keep the term of Village Mayor at the present two years, instead of extending it to four years. Almost 500 residents turned out to express their views on this issue and I am proud of our Village for that level of participation.

As you know, this past August, the Board of Trustees unanimously decided to move this matter forward, based on sound “good government” reasoning. Once the vote was scheduled, those in favor of the change made their opinions known to our neighbors and those opposed to the change made their views clear, as well. There was a full, fair and honest discussion of the issue, along with an open and transparent voting process.

When it came to the public vote, a majority of residents disagreed with the change and, therefore, it will not be implemented. Your Mayor and Trustees accept this decision as the “will of the people” and we will not be bringing it back to you for future consideration.

We know that different people often have different ideas about how to make Manorhaven the best Village it can be. However, once a decision is made, the key is to accept it and keep moving forward for the good of our Village. That is how democracy truly works!

In this particular case, the democratic process worked well and our Village is the better for it.

Mayor Jim Avena

October 4, 2017

Thank you to all of the residents who came to Village Hall to vote on the referendum yesterday. The result of a 311 "No" to a "170" Yes vote demonstrated that many more than not prefer to stay with the two year term for now, and that is fine with this Board. We as your elected officials are here to carry out the will of the majority when in the best interests of this Village - which we always try our best to achieve. With this vote behind us, let's re-group and move forward with our vision as a community on the upcoming projects we are striving to complete in the next several years. With your support, we know the completion of these upgrades will make Manorhaven an even better place to live.

September 2017

Why vote on 10/3 for a four year Mayoral term?

1. The entire Board is in favor of this change because a four year term allows a Mayor to commit to critical long term projects such as sewer and road repairs. Every time a new Mayor comes in, everything stops in its tracks.

2. A longer term attracts quality staff (2 years negatively impacts staff job security and deters the best applicants for the job.)

3. Voters still have Trustees as a system of checks and balances if they don't like how things are being run. Decision making is done through the Board based on a quorum. You as a voter speak through your elected officials. Trustees will still have the same time two year terms.

4. The office of the Mayor is the executive branch of government for the Village. The executive branch usually has longer terms which are necessary for continuity in planning and budgeting.

5. A longer Mayoral term allows for better relationships with local police, the fire dept., town and county leaders. It takes time to develop and nurture these relationships to make our community the best it can be. Community leaders help our Village, so these connections are critical.
So..before you vote... please take these reasons into consideration on 10/3. Thank you.
- Jim Avena.

Below is a copy of our recent road condition analysis. We hope to start this project sometime next year.

June 2017

Dear Neighbors:

The warm weather is finally here and everything in our village
is in full bloom. I’m pleased to report on several items that
have moved forward over the past months:

- Although it seems like a long time ago, we were very pleased with the results of our first winter and new snow removal emergency plan. We will update the plan next fall based on lessons learned and welcome any suggestions you may have for improvements;

- ▪Last fall, we initiated a program to improve the neatness
of our village by strictly enforcing existing garbage, curb
and sidewalk regulations. We found that this has resulted in a much more pleasant, attractive village;

- Members of the Waterfront Advisory Committee heard comments from many residents during a recent public meeting held in March. Comments and ideas will be presented to the Board of Trustees in the near future. Know that the Board will not allow the Waterfront Building Moratorium to lapse until we are completely satisfied with future plans for the waterfront;
- As you know, parking in our village can be difficult, especially during the winter months. We will continue discussions with the Fire Department and will revisit this topic again. Please be sure to fill out and return the questionnaire on page 7 on this important topic;

- Through a New York State grant, the Village Hall administrative offices were completely renovated this past winter. The new space has a bright, clean look and the changes have greatly improved working conditions and efficiency;

- Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 24 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for the Manorhaven Street Festival (see page 5 for details)

Just a reminder that Village Elections will be held at Village Hall from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20. Don’t forget to vote! Every vote counts!

Have a wonderful summer!
Jim Avena, Mayor

December 2016

Dear Neighbors,

I am pleased to report that the Board of Trustees and staff have accomplished a great deal over these past few months, and I am proud to be part of such a hard-working and dedicated team here at the Village.

Just a few of things of the many things we've been working on include:

· Our new sewer maintenance company, Orchid Sewer and Water Contracting, has been doing a thorough job of keeping the Village's sewer system flowing and clear of backups. Recently, they discovered an unconnected pipe near the sewer main at Manorhaven Boulevard and Graywood Road, and we hope that by performing repairs they will be able to prevent serious clogs and backups that have occurred in this area;

· The Board recently adopted a local law reducing the duration of alternate side of the street parking by a full month during the winter.  Winter parking rules now begin on December 15 and end on  March 15, as  significant snow accumulation is unlikely in the weeks immediately before and after this period; 

·The second phase of renovation at the Historic Morgan's Dock project has been completed.  Once the third and final phase is complete, we can all enjoy a new floating dock at Bowman's Point; 

· The Village has installed a new generator at Village Hall, removed an abandoned oil tank on the premises, and installed a new sprinkler system at the entrance to Manhasset Isle;

· Homeowners and the Village have been cooperating to bring properties into compliance with the village code.  In particular,  many curbs, sidewalks and aprons throughout the Village have been repaired.  I have received many positive comments about how the Village looks neater and cleaner.  Note that permit and other Village fees have been waived for these repairs through  December 31;

·Due to residents' input, the Village has increased both inspections of rental properties and the monitoring of illegal residences to ensure that property owners adhere to code regulations;

· Since October, the Village has been strictly enforcing garbage regulations in an effort to continue to keep Manorhaven cleaner.  We recently added an additional code enforcement of ficial during the early morning hours and on weekends to ensure compliance. 
For details on regulations and fines, click on “Services” and then “Garbage” on the website;

·Just a reminder that  GovPilot  is an easy way to request FOILs/FOIAs, report a concern, or to view your property information online. See our website's home page and scroll down to the  GovPilot  section to access one or more sections.  

While I am proud of how much we have accomplished, there is much more to do i n Manorhaven . We look forward to making more positive changes to serv e our residents and the community. My best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy holiday season.

Jim Avena, Mayor

October 2016
Dear Neighbors,

We've accomplished a lot over the summer. Focus on teamwork and mutual respect enables initiatives to keep moving forward. Thanks to Deputy Mayor Priscilla von Roeschlaub, Trustees Rita DiLucia, Ken Kraft and John Popeleski, Clerk Sharon Abramski and DPW Crew Chief Mike Calvanese for their exceptional efforts and working as a unified team.

Some key goals accomplished are:
•  Hired a full time Building Superintendent/Chief of Code Enforcement;
•  Hired a part time code officer to ensure codes are followed on weekends;
•  Initiated comprehensive snow removal plan;
•  Started planning with County for $3 million improvements on Manorhaven Boulevard;
•  Established a Waterfront Advisory Committee;
•  Filled reported potholes , removed loose tree branches and cleanups, especially at dead ends;
•  Updated emergency procedures, available on

I am proud to serve as your mayor and will continue to work very hard to help improve the quality of life in our beautiful village.

Jim Avena, Mayor

September 2016 - Mayor Avena
"The Village of Manorhaven welcomes input from all Village residents as it considers how best to regulate development of waterfront properties. Our goal is to balance the interests of the community with the rights of property owners. To help accomplish this goal, I have appointed an advisory committee to review the Village's comprehensive master plan, local waterfront revitalization plan, and zoning code, and to make recommendations for consideration by the Board of Trustees. Only the Board of Trustees has the authority to adopt Village laws regulating waterfront development. Before the Board of Trustees takes any action, it will publish a notice in the Port Washington News and will conduct a public hearing. At the hearing, all interested Village residents will have an opportunity to express their views directly to the Board of Trustees."