Environmental Protection Reports

March 2015 - EPA Report


The Village of Manorhaven completes an annual storm water report for New York State. The annual report and the Village's Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) can be accessed in the Village Hall.

The Village of Manorhaven is required by New York State law to comply with the MS4 Storm Water Discharge permit. In order to operate the Village's storm water system, we must make every effort to reduce and control the amount and type of pollutants which end up discharging into Manhasset Bay. The Village has committed to a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) which includes both local laws contained in the Village Code as well as other steps to reduce pollutants in our Public Works Department. This drastically reduces the amount of garbage and other refuse from ending up in our storm drains and ultimately Manhasset Bay. There are other ways that everyone in the Village can help in this effort. Through information available on our website as well as brochures and factsheets found at the Village Hall, you can find simple steps you can  take to help reduce waste.

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