Village of Sands Point Mayor Peter Forman provided Mayor Avena with an update on the progress of working towards a permanent remedy to possible future mudslides from the steeply sloping hillside at the ends of most streets where Manorhaven meets Sands Point properties.

Mayor Forman said that the Village of Sands Point has had a slope engineer inspect all of the affected sites, as well as adjoining ones, and is reviewing the surveys Manorhaven Village provided to them. The slop engineer will be making additional comprehensive visits in the near future.

The Mayor also informed us that some Sands Point residents with properties adjacent to Manorhaven have provided temporary stabilization plans. Long-term stabilization plans will take time and are somewhat delayed because of long wait times for land surveyors.

Mayor Forman assured Mayor Avena that they will continue to monitor those elements and that their Building Department Inspector will provide another update in the coming weeks, which we will share with residents.